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Health In Mind
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The #1 Best Doctor Recommended Probiotic and Prebiotic Supplement is Ultra-Biotics
  • Get Well, Stay Well: Ultra-Biotics is The Next Generation Probiotic and Prebiotic for Women, Men and Kids. It is Spore-enhanced for added health benefits and Scientifically arguably the best Probiotic supplement and Immune booster. Ultra-Biotics works against and crowds out bad bacteria which make you sick, allowing the growth of only good, healthy bacteria that makes you feel great.
  • Easy to Take and No Refrigeration: Ultra-Biotics is a once daily dosage which is easy to swallow and can be taken with food. It does not require refrigeration which means you can travel and take a dose anytime, anywhere which makes your life simple.
  • Works in Hours, Not Days: Only our unique prebiotic, PreForPro® feeds and nourishes good bacteria and enhances their health benefits, while our spore forming probiotics DE111, Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus coagulans, crowd out bad, unhealthy bacteria which supports and strengthens your digestive and immune system within hours, to improve your health and help you safeguard against illness and infections.
  • Heat and Acid Resistant: Our amazing formulation uses patented delayed-released DRCaps® which are acid resistant and delivers our probiotics and prebiotic alive and intact deep inside your upper and lower intestines exactly where they are needed to optimize your health; most other probiotic nutritional supplements don't.
  • Quality Assured, Risk Free: Ultra-Biotics is Made in the USA in an NSF Certified/GMP and FDA Registered facility. We are Non-GMO and 3rd party tested.
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Ultra-Biotics Advanced is the Best Super Probiotic Supplement with 30 Billion CFUs, Spore-Enhanced Probiotics and 10 of the Most Effective Premium Strains to Protect & Optimize your Health Fast  
  • Advanced Health Benefits: Unlike other probiotics, Ultra-Biotics Advanced formulation helps you maintain healthy levels of Cholesterol, Glucose and Triglycerides; plus, we produce digestive enzymes that promote proper digestion of dietary fats and complex carbohydrates into small chain fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6, all of which is fantastic for improving and protecting your overall health.
  • Feel Great Again: Ultra-Biotics Advanced is the Next Generation of Spore-enhanced Probiotics for Women and Men. it works against and crowds out bad bacteria which make you sick, allowing the growth of only good healthy bacteria to help protect you against illness and infections and improve your overall health, making you feel great.
  • Live a Healthy Balanced Life: Ultra-Biotics Advanced helps balance yeast growth and helps with the side effects of Antibiotics. It can help you lose or maintain a healthy weight and promotes full vitamin and mineral absorption which increases calcium uptake for bone density. Ultra-Biotics Advanced can increase your energy levels; your life can be great.
  • Easy to Take, Targeted Delivery: Ultra-Biotics Advanced is a once daily dosage which does not require refrigeration and can be taken with food. Keep things simple. Our delayed-released, DRCaps® are stomach acid resistant guaranteeing the delivery of our Advanced formulation alive and intact deep in your intestines exactly where they are needed.
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Essential Omega-3 is the Finest Fish Oil which Provides Maximum Health Benefits; is Triple Strength, Molecular Distilled, and Enteric Coated 
  • The Perfect Formula: 2,000 mg Fish Oil, 1400 mg Omega-3 Fatty Acids (600 mg DHA, 800 mg EPA) per serving.
  • Because You Deserve the Best: Exceeding expert recommended daily minimum of 500 mg EPA+DHA.
  • Get the Support You Need: Supports your Heart and Brain health, Immune system, Joints, Mood & Mental state, Skin and Hair.
  • Enteric Coated: Better Absorption and NO Fishy Aftertaste or Burps.
  • Quality and Value You Can Trust: 100 DAY Supply of the Finest, 3rd Party Lab Tested, molecular distilled Fish Oil, guaranteeing Purity, Potency, Efficacy, Safety and Label Accuracy. 
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Neuro Brain Clarity is a Powerful,
All Natural Day & Night
Advanced Nootropic Brain Supplement
  • Powerful Day Formula: Helps Energize your Brain while Increasing Mental Alertness, Clarity, Concentration and Helps Improve Performance, especially on Cognitively demanding tasks.
  • Effective Night Formula: Helps Support Brain health, Memory function and Recall, focus, clarity, reasoning skills, learning, intelligence and can support less stress and anxiety
  • Complete 24 Hour Brain Support: Our Neuro Brain Clarity is Scientifically designed to be an Advanced Neuro Brain function enhancer, which effectively provides the Brain with the 24 hour support it requires to help you function better during the day and then supports Learning, Memory retention, Repair and Rejuvenation while you sleep. You get Complete Coverage!
  • Time to Shine: Our Customers report that their levels of Alertness, Performance and Concentration increase. Mental fatigue is reduced so they can stay laser focused on the job at hand. This results in them being more Productive, Smarter and Sharper. The Brain fog lifts and their Memories and the Speed at which they Process new information improves. 
  • 120 Smart Power Pills: What we offer is not a Miracle drug, but a legitimate supplement that, when taken properly as directed, seems to work extremely well for a lot of people.
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Essential Minerals is an Iron-Free, Multi Mineral Supplement with 1000mg Calcium + D3 & 500mg Magnesium. It contains All 72 Trace Minerals.
  • Complete All In One Formula: Provides all the Vital Nutrients that are required by your body to keep you well, at doses that are more Potent and Effective than those found in a Multi-Vitamin.
  • Just Two Pills a Day: Customers love that the dosage is just two pills per day. They report falling asleep faster, sleeping better and waking up feeling well rested.
  • The Support You Need: Helps you maintain normal Muscle and Nerve function and Supports a Healthy Immune System. For many customers, it has relieved a lot of muscle tightness and pain in their neck and lower back.
  • Promotes Heart Health:  Supports Normal Blood Pressure and good Cardiovascular health. Essential Minerals has been reported to improve Mood and levels of Stress and Anxiety and can reduce Fatigue.
  • Improves Bone Density: Promotes Strong Bones and reduces the risk of Osteoporosis. 

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What are People Are Saying about
Steele Spirit Products and Service?...
"Anti-aging, wrinkle reducing products don't do much usually and are expensive. I received it on Friday. I used it that night. I felt a slight change in my skin. After a few minutes I saw lines and wrinkles softening . Hmmm, probably my imagination!

The next morning, my skin still looked better. I applied again and as the day wore on, I was simply amazed at the changes to my face. When I awoke, my lines were still diminished & softened. This is a GREAT product that delivers. The results are well worth the price. Suitable for men or women. I am 53 and time & gravity has started catching up to me, but Andre Lorent Crazy Beautiful Anti-Aging Cream has really made a difference!"
Ronda Aufill
"Following a horrible infection, following back surgery"
"I've recently been introduced to probiotics by my Infectious Control Doctor. Following a horrible infection following back surgery, my Doc suggested I use "a really good & organic" probiotic.
I investigated these online and decided on Steele Spirit. I'm glad I did.
The results were amazing, people began asking me what I was 'doing' as I looked thinner and just plain healthier."
Liz Harbison on Ultra-Biotics
"Triple threat of Probiotics"
"I used to run regularly and as most runners know, keeping regular was never a problem. When I slowed down, other areas slowed down also. I tried a lot of different probiotics to remedy that situation and they were either way too expensive (advocare), or hard to transport (refrigerated), or didn't do the job (anything over the counter). This is the first product that works, is priced reasonably, and does not need refrigeration. Triple threat of probiotics!"
Dipper on Ultra-Biotics
"Awesome... A God Send!"
"I don't write reviews often but this product deserves one. It does just what it says. Within less than a week I knew it was working. I have struggled with bowel problems and vaginal issues for years. The bowels are healed, no more constipation. The vaginal itching issues are almost completely gone. I haven't felt this good in years. I am also able to eat wheat occasionally with no problems.
This really is an amazing product.
I will take it forever.
Sandra Rankin on Ultra-Biotics
"Thank you for this product"
"This product has worked very well for me so far. Significant, since a 45+ year history of leaky gut has left my intestines feeling very inflamed most of my life.
Being able to get through the day without debilitating intestinal pain is extraordinary and something I look forward to maintaining. I have taken this Advanced formula for almost a month now and find that it works better for me than the many others I've used.
Something has changed for the better and because of it, I have more freedom to do things I'd like to do. I am very pleased!"
VAV on Ultra-Biotics Advanced
"A Lifesaver."
"Let me start off by saying, I am one of those skeptical buyers when it comes to any type of supplement. I've got Celiac disease and this probiotic has been a lifesaver for me and my messed up guts! I started to notice less bloating on day 2, I had no idea that would even happen and continue to go down as the month has progressed. I was also surprised to see that it WAS gentle and did not upset my tummy later on in the day. I took one capsule by mouth with food daily (and still continue to do so)

All in all i love this product, and my messed up guts do too!"
Jennifer Ridling on Ultra-Biotics Advanced
"My Skin Looks 10 Years Younger "
"I don't mind saying that I'm 59 but my skin looks 10 years younger --- all recently --- thanks to this wonderful product. This cream is nothing short of a miracle! I've only been using it for about 2 weeks and I can feel and see the difference in my skin already.

I use it before I apply my makeup in the morning and it's not greasy...soaks right in, but keeps everything uniform. I don't mind saying that I'm 59 but my skin looks 10 years younger --- all recently --- thanks to this wonderful product.

Lynne In NY
"Happy Crohn's Patient Here!"
"Bought this product to both boost my immune system and my gastrointestinal system as well.
I have Crohn's disease so I require probiotic use and my Crohn's medication lowers my immunity to fight germs and bacteria which makes me more susceptible to getting sick. This helps out with both issues so well.
I love ultra-biotics and I'm definitely a happy customer!"
I. Vasquez on Ultra-Biotics Advanced
"These Work!!"
"I know supplements work differently for everyone, but These Work for me!! I have a very busy work schedule and lately I've been working on a number of projects with tight deadlines. I was finding it difficult to concentrate and felt pretty brain dead by the end of the day.

I started Neuro Brain Clarity and after a week I noticed an improvement! I'm more focused, my concentration levels have definitely improved, my memory is sharper and I feel as though my brain has had a boost. Caffeine usually does nothing for me unless I have a latte with 4 shots. However, with this supplement, I'm focused without jitters, I'm not drained by the end of the day, and I sleep really well. Add the fact that these are also good for brain health, and I'm very impressed and would totally recommend them to anyone. I take one Day pill with breakfast and lunch and keep the Night Formula by my toothbrush and take it before I go to bed."
C. Allen on Neuro Brain Clarity
"Now I remember where I put the keys"
"I have used this company's Ultra-Biotics for over a year now and have been very happy and pleased with the results with that product. So when this product came on the market I thought, why not try it?
They are to be taken hand in hand- day and night, one capsule each.
I tend to have a sensitive stomach so I was apprehensive but tried on a weekend first. The day Neuro Brain Clarity includes vitamins and after the first few days I actually felt more energy in the sense I could keep on task. Meaning my mind could keep focused on what I was doing instead of getting side tracked on something else. I felt better too. As a note, I wasn't taking any other vitamins so this could have helped as well.
The Brain Clarity for night time seemed to work well. I would take it about 2 hours before I planned to go to bed. I seemed to sleep well and woke up without any type of grogginess.

One thing I have noticed after taking both of these Brain Clarity products for the past 3 weeks now is...
1. More energy throughout the day
2. No desire to take a nap
3. More focus on what I need to do during the day
4. I feel less irritable towards annoying people
5. Non irritating to my sensitive stomach
6. No jitters - just feels like a gentle boost of energy for hours

The Neuro Brain Clarity Night
1. It's not a sleeping pill- so no worries there
2. I felt like I slept well and woke up non groggy when that alarm went off
3. Only one capsule and easy to take
4. I seem to start off the day more "with it".

Overall, in 3 weeks of starting these I feel better and more energized. I don't get burned out or irritated with things or people nearly as much since starting this product.
I will definitely be repurchasing."
So Cal Gal on Neuro Brain Clarity
"I will buy again :) "
"I basically purchased these more for the night time one as I have sleep issues due to a crazy work schedule. To my surprise the day time was a bonus. I didn't even realize until about a week and half in that these were really helping me during the day.
I am taking fairly early in the day and totally skipping my coffee all together. I have been able to get a lot of my work done while my kids are at school rather than late at night after they go to sleep. I track my sleep at night as I am trying to naturally get back on track with somewhat normal sleep habits. I haven't noticed a difference yet but i will continue to take.
I can't expect an overnight change when I have neglected my sleep for 13 years.
No side effects for me and overall a good experience thus far."
Renae on Neuro Brain Clarity
"Excellent Fish Oil"
Excellent .... triple strength and coated so they are burpless which is a big deal for many. We can't take enough good fish oil and this is a great one to pick from. Over time you will see reduced cholesterol.
J. Smith on Essential Omega-3
"I am very much into health and nutrition and love this Great mineral supplement"
"I am very much into health and nutrition and love this Great mineral supplement. It's packed with ALL 72 Trace Minerals and 1000mg of calcium and 500mg of magnesium.
Magnesium itself is great for your body, helps with detoxing your body, and calcium is very good for bone health, Besides that it's iron free which can be a good thing if your body doesn't need it or if you're already taking iron supplements. I highly recommend reading all of the ingredients for every supplement you consume, most people don't pay attention to that.
However this also contains vitamins and minerals which most multi vitamins don't have. This multi mineral contains bentonite clay which has many Heath benefits. You also have chromium, molybdenum and, boron for amino acids which are important for muscle function, potassium and copper, and many other great vitamins and minerals.
Very good product, great ingredients and well labeled.
Contains all the important minerals needed for good health, especially in today's diet. I am able to have the confidence that I am getting more of what I need to be healthy.
PLUS its only 2 pills a day compared to many others that are 3 to 5 and made in the USA. Love this product."
Jason C. on Essential Minerals
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